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April 12, 2008

Also got a tip from Fred. He said he could no longer listen to our Real Audio songs on our site. His solution is as follows;
"I tried many of the older versions of Real Player but every one older than 10.5 had no way of importing files from the hard drive to the player. This is because Real Player no longer supports the older versions. After resigning myself to missing out on your music, I finally downloaded the latest version of Real Player, version 11. When I tried to play one of your songs, it came up with a message that I was missing a codec. After it found and installed the codec I had no problem playing the songs. I wanted you to know this in case any other listeners have problems in the future. I guess Real Player is finally understanding that their users want access to the older music as well as the new. It's about time!!!"

November 04, 2007

If you are still having difficulties playing our songs with the Real Audio player, a listener has suggested the Real Alternative Player, version 1.10 from oldversion.com. Thanks to John from NY for this tip.

October 28, 2007

We received our first Christmas song request of this season, so we have reinstated our COUNTRY CHRISTMAS page.
Hope you enjoy the festive music from this page.

September 29, 2007

Seems that for the people that have lost the ability to play our Real Audio song files, there is a solution. The Real G2 player still works fine with the files. You can download the G2 player here.
Seems that when your present Real Player was updated (in the background), it did not include some of the software to play all of the RA files. This is a deliberate attempt by Real Networks to force you to buy the full version.

September 09, 2007

I am starting to hear from a few of you that you cannot play my real audio files anymore in Real Player. I don't know what is going on, but I will make a few inquiries. I don't want to lose anyone because of a glitch in the Real Player :)

April 22, 2007

I figured it was time to give this site a facelift. Hope you like it.

January 14, 2007

We attended the Dierks Bentley concert last night with guests Eric Church and Doc Walker. Eric opened up with a lively 30 minute set that included his newest single "Two Pink Lines". He reminds me a lot of Aaron Tippen. The young girls seemed to like him. Next came the act that we wanted to see, Canada's own Doc Walker. They have matured so much over the years and their music has evolved into radio friendly/message ladened songs. Lead singer " Chris Thorsteinson " has a strong banter with the audience and great stage presence. We thourghly enjoyed their 45 minute set. Dierks Bently then had the girls worked up into a frenzy as you know who was the headliner. Great music, great lights, fairly plain stage, hits after hits. A good showman Dierks is. He plays into the hands of the crowd. All in all, the crowd was a much younger crowd than we are, and if it wasn't for Doc Walker, we probably would not have gone. But the audience seemed to enjoy the show.

November 19, 2006

Our Country Christmas page is up for the season. Request away :)

November 8, 2006

Don Williams brought his farewell tour to Calgary tonight. Opening act Charlie Major and his acoustic set was very enjoyable as he showcased a few new songs and rocked out his old tunes. His in between banter was welcome and explained some of the songs beginnings.
Don Williams then took the stage and planted himself firmly on his trademark chair. With the exception of one song that he performed standing with the other 3 frontmen, he stayed on the chair all night. He still has the title of "The Gentle Giant", as he is very soft spoken. Hit after hit he performed and 1 1/2 hours later was commanding a standing ovation. It was quite the laid back evening, listening to some great songs from a guy with a great voice.

November 6, 2006

Sunday, November 6th. was filled with music. Early afternoon started off with the "REAL" Legends of Country Music staring Roy Clark, Stonewall Jackson, Jeanie Shepard and Kittie Wells. (Yes, THE Kitty Wells). A wonderful afternoon of classics. Their age may be catching up to them, but they can still entertain. The evening brought us over to the Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary to see the Dixie Chicks. This is our third time seeing them, and would certainly like to see them many more times. The sold out joint was hoppin' with the young and the old(er). The girls put on a great 2 hour performance. You really have to appreciate their showmanship and talent. Regardless of how you feel about them, it's time to get over what Natalie said and go back to enjoying some great music. We sure did.

July 16, 2006

Well, I guess it was just a matter of time before the old computer wore itself out. It had been giving me problems for a few months now. The 5 days we were down were the longest we have been down since July 2004 when I was hospitized. Things are back up, but I did lose all of my mail prior to July 12th. so if you emailed us and are expecting a reply, please send us another message.

January 01, 2006

Happy New Year everyone, and many thanks to all of our supporters.
We have finally done it. Purchased more space for our songs. It is frustrating to constantly have pages removed from a server because of "copyright enfringement". This is something we love doing, and want to continue doing, and growing the site. So enjoy the songs that are there now, and many, many more coming this year.

November 28/2005

They did it AGAIN !!!!! They removed our Country Christmas page from the internet. They being the server "Fortunecity.com". urggg...It is so frustrating with this company. We will NOT put another Christmas page up this year. So sorry.

November 05/2005

We have started to rebuild our Country Christmas page.

May 01/2005

We got our "OTHER ARTISTS" page back online. Will update with new songs as time permits.

April 10/2005

Have a listen to some of our listeners songs on our Hidden Talent page. Thanks for the idea for this page John from NY :)

January 30/2005

A very big heartfelt thank you to all of you that offered their prayers and condolences during our difficult time of our Granddaughters passing. Your are the best and we appreciate the kind words :)

November 27/2004

The internet gods have done it again. Our Christmas page along with all of the great Christmas songs have been removed from the "FORTUNECITY" server, again for what they call "copyright infringements". Urggg!!!!!!! We will try and repost some of the Christmas muisc as soon as possible.

August 11/2004

New George Strait concert pictures from the July 20/04 concert in Calgary, Alberta are now up on our "Stars Pics" page.
Thanks to everyone that wished me well from my past health scare. Glad we are still around sharing this great music with everyone :)

May 08/2004

Nashville Star 2004 has come to a close and our GEORGE CANYON did us all very proud to come in as runner up. We felt he deserved to be the winner but America has spoke and we wish Brad Cotter all the best.
Summer is coming up as the grass is turning a lovely green and the trees are filling out nicely here in Southern Alberta.
Can't wait for the George Strait concerts coming up in July. We have front row seats and would love to grab some pictures of him.

Feb. 01/2004

We haven't updated this page for a long, long time so here goes;
Congratulations to George Canyon who has made it to the top 20 of the second season of "NASHVILLE STAR."
Best of luck to you George.
George Strait is coming to our town for 3 concerts. We have front row seats to one of the concerts and extra tickets to the other shows. If your interested in some good seats (at cost) to the CALGARY shows, just email us for details.

March 28/2002

We saw George Jones in concert tonight, and just have to tell you that traditional country music sounds great. George said there would be no smoke rising from the stage, that he wouldn't be swinging from no ropes, and he wouldn't stray more the 2 feet from the microphone. What we got was great sounding tunes from the Master of Country Music. While we like the new music and artists that are out there now, we cannot forget the roots of country music. Way to go George.

Dec 17/2002

A hint for this weeks Name That Tune; This tune was a hit for Roger Miller. Glen Campbell also recorded it, but our artist is one of the hottest male singers at the moment. We actually have tickets to see him in Calgary in mid January with Rascal Flatts.

Dec 07/2002

Removed the MP3 page to give us more space for more Real Audio tunes.

July 04/2002

Problems and more problems. I had two computer viruses sent to me last night. The W32klez.H and the W32Yaha.F. Why do people do this?? It only brought me down temporary, but if you received any odd looking emails from Ian and Elaine last night, I apologize.It has been fixed.

July 01/2002

Had another fatal computer crash on Sunday, June 30,2002. Lost everything on the hard drive including emails this time.

June 29/2002

Major computer crash last night. We were off the internet for a day and a half :(
Everything is working again.

June 10/2002

Elaine and I saw the Eagles last night at the Saddledome in Calgary.What a show!! No camera's were allowed, so sorry, no pictures. We have Tim McGraw in 6 days and again "No Pictures". Bummer...

May 19/2002

Our email address has changed. It is now hildavid@hildavid.com

May 11/2002

There are some interuptions in service at our website this week as our local server switches over to a new ISP. Everything should be up and running properly by the weekend.

May 06/2002

We are going to Brooks and Dunn's Neon Circus on Tuesday May 7th.. Watch for pictures of the concert this weekend.

May 05/2002

No updates to this site this week. Our ISP is changing.

May 02/2002

Today's 'Name That Tune' hint; The present artist who has this song out now is currently in the Neon Circus tour with Brooks and Dunn.

May 01/2002

Today's 'Name That Tune' hint; Goodnight Sweetheart.

April 30/2002

Today's 'Name That Tune' hint; This single,top new male vocalist nominee of the 1999 ACM's, has 2 albums out (1996 and 1998), but hasn't been heard from for awhile.

April 29/2002

This weeks name That Tune is a little tricky so I'll give you a clue a day. Today's clue: This song was first recorded in 1997, but not by the songwriter that sings it today.

March 02/2002

Just lost our Topcities server that hosted our Vern Gosdin, Loretta Lynn, Neil McCoy, Juice Newtin and keith urban pages. Urrrgggg.

February 22/2002

Will try again with our Request and Dedication page.

February 07/2002

Due to numerous requests, we have made our Billboards Top 5 singles downloadable and streaming.Updated every Thursday P.M.

January 5/2002

We are off to Hawaii for 2 weeks. No updates until January 20.

November 30,2001

Received an e-mail from the Loretta Lynn website TELLING me to removal her music from my pages.They are also reporting our Neil McCoy, Keith Urban, Vern Gosdin and Juice Newton pages. Life sucks!!

October 23,2001

Removed 75 artists pages because Fortunecity.com removing the pages from their server.

October 17,2001

We have lost one of our MAIN pages with Fortunecity.com. This means our site has had about 70% of our pages and songs closed down. Guess it might be time to call it quits !!!!

October 06,2001

We have also had our "Then and Now" page removed from the server along with many of our song files.

October 05,2001

We have lost our "Request and Dedication" and "Featured CD" page due to what Fortunecity.com calls "Copyright Infringment" violations. We are getting discouraged in trying to keep all pages up and running, so we have decided to keep these 2 pages off of our site for now :(

October 02,2001

Our "Request and Dedication" page and our "Featured CD" page are not working at the moment. We are attempting to find out why.

September 23,2001

The flight number of the first plane to hit the World Trade Center was Q33 NY (all in CAPS). Now enter this number in any word processor, set the font size to 20 or higher and then change the font to "Windings". Is that scary or what???

September 18,2001

We have moved our "Request and Dedication" page to another server.

September 09,2001

With the announcement of SPREE.COM no longer hosting websites, we have had to scramble to find other places to move some songs and pages to. The first site that was moved to our own server is our page on R&B singer Jackie Wilson. If you haven't heard his music, have a listen. He was a great performer and his story is very touching.

September 02,2001
We will be losing our Request and Dedication page as of September 20 because of the server "SPREE.COM" discontinuing web page services. Will try and find another server to transfer all the songs over to.

August 30,2001

Long weekend is approaching. YAHOO !! Here's another clue.We have 15 songs on this artists page. (12 on her page).

August 29,2001

Only one correct guess for this weeks Name That Tune. Here's a clue.
.This new tune is riding fast up the charts and will be number 1 very soon. It's not an official DUET but...

August 27,2001

Our pages were inaccessable for most of the night tonight.(Server problems)

August 19,2001

Thought I would fool you with our backwards Name That Tune for this week but apparently not.

August 12,2001

We are starting to get a few Requests and Dedications that we do not have, If you can assist with getting any of these songs, please contact us. You can check the Request and Dedication page for the songs we are presently looking for. Thanks everyone.

We are looking for "Don't Tell Me What To Do" by Pam Tillis in MIDI format.Could you please e-mail it to us if you have it :) Many Thanks

August 10,2001

Third clue for this week's Name That Tune. He will be recording a duet shortly with Garth Brooks called "BEER RUN".

August 07,2001

Second clue for this week's Name That Tune. He will turn 70 on September 12th..

August 06,2001

First clue for this week's Name That Tune. He has his own music page on Hildavid's Current and Classics.

August 05,2001

We really thought that this weeks Name That Tune was going to be very difficult. Congrat's to everyone that has guessed it.

August 02,2001

No winners yet for this weeks Name That Tune. Here's another clue. This couple was married when they recorded this song in 1964. The male part of this couple has a page on Hildavid's Current and Classics.

July 28,2001

We will be away from Sunday July 29 to Wednesday August 01.No updates then.
This weeks Name That Tune will be put up on Saturday night. It is a real classic Canadian tune but remember, you must guess the name and artist(s) exactly.

The Bravenet counters are now back to normal.

July 25,2001

The BRAVENET page counters on some of our pages are slowing the loading of the page. Hope this is only temporary.
More e-mails received today with the virus as stated below.
(Don't people run virus checking programs ?)

July 24,2001
We must have received at least 12 e-mails in the past 2 days containg the SirCam virus. Be careful and DO NOT open unsolicated e-mail attachments.You can read about this virus here.

July 23,2001
The Name That Tune selection for this week is a popular older song, but done as a remake in 1998 for a tribute album.

July 22, 2001
New SONG LISTING page added.
We are still working on this page to make it more user friendly so keep watching for more improvements.
ALL the songs at HILDAVID.COM now work.
Still have problems with songs on the FORTUNECITY.COM servers not streaming, but they download.

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