of Okotoks, Alberta Canada


Our group still gathers at a different members place once a month for a great time playing "Bunco". We won't be giving each "Bunco" get together a seperate write-up, but please note we all have a blast and plenty of laughs and eats each time we gather.

December 23 2010
We travelled out the Marie's place and enjoyed our Christmas Cheer day. Everyone brought delicious treats and we had a singsong accompanied by Pat on the piano.

December 09 2010
We had our Christmas lunch at Boston Pizza, where we were upstairs so it was very private and it was all decorated complete with a tree. The downside of the day was Irene slipping and falling and breaking her ankle in three places.

November 24 2010
Bunco was at Gail's in Calgary, I hope she has us back as we can be rather loud with laughter.

November 11 2010
We were at a new restaurant in Okotoks, Blackstone, the food was great.

October 28 2010
Bunco was at Christine's today, another day of laughter and food!

October 14 2010
We travelled to Calgary and enjoyed lunch at Oscar's. It was great seeing such a good turnout.

September 23 2010
We were out to Eleanor's for another fun day of Bunco.

September 09 2010
Some of the Kats travelled to Kelowna for the Crown Jewels 1st Convention. Everyone had a great time, but the trip home was long as we were delayed in Rogers Pass, but we play word games and did some planning for the next Jalopy Jaunt.

September 02 2010
- Happy Birthday to the Kats. We celebrated out 6th birthday at A Taste of Asia in Okotoks. We had the private room and we had a great time.

August 26 2010
We cancelled our Bunco so we could pay our respect to Audrey Brien, Queen of the Scartlett O'Hatters in High River, that had passed away. It was a great service and Audrey always was helping someone and she continues after her death as she donated her body to science..

August 12 2010
Eleanor hosted a picnic at her home and that also included a Scavenger Hunt that everyone enjoyed. The rain held off until we were done and then it poured..

July 22 2010
We took over Ev's home to have our potluck lunch and playing of Bunco.

July 08 2010
We travelled to Nanton to enjoy a Chinese lunch at Ming Dynasty and after we toured the Antique stores and oh yes we had a stop at the Candy Store, not to mentioned ice cream cones!.

June 24 2010
We travelled to Stavely for Bunco at Linda's - almost got eaten alive by the mosquitoes getting from the cars to her home. Great luncheon and a lot of laughs.

June 17 2010
Jalopy Jaunt Luau wind-up at Sue's - again we had to move inside because of the pouring rain - this weather is getting a little tiresome

June 3 2010
Lunch at The Saskatoon Farm - we had strong winds and some rain, but we enjoyed our lunch, especially the Sasktoon desserts

May 29 2010
Our 3rd Jalopy Jaunt was a great success - our theme was Hawaiian and we had snow on the ground. Despite the weather everyone had a great time and ended up at The Heritage Inn in High River for our lunch and fun. The Kats put on a Murder Mystery, that seemed to go over good.

May 27 2010
We did our final test run for our Jalopy Jaunt, had lunch in High River and had to drive home in the snow. Great - we have had our Jalopy Jaunt in pouring rain, hot sunshine and now SNOW!!.

May 13 2010
Lunch this month was at the Glenmore Inn in South East Calgary, for their lunch buffet - great food.

April 22 2010
We played Bunco at Maria's, and as usual, had a great time.

April 08 2010
We travelled to Stage West to try their Chinese Buffet they offer on Thursday. Sorry to say it was good, but not great.

March 25 2010
Jennifer was our hostess for Bunco. Our potluck lunch had a great variety of different eats this time.

March 14 2010
We dined at Heartland Cafe in Olde Towne Okotoks. This was our first time visiting Heartland and we all enjoyed our visit and lunch.

February 25 2010
We gathered at the Queen’s to make the table favors for the Jalopy Jaunt in May.

February 11 2010
Lunch this month was at Mr. Mike’s in Okotoks. Had a great turnout and an awesome lunch.

January 18 2010
Some of the Kats travelled to Calgary for a Mexican Fiesta, hosted by the Red Hot Mama’s. It was great mingling with other chapters and we had an assortment of games to play.

January 14 2010
We dined at Café Divine in Olde Towne Okotoks. It was great seeing everyone after the festive season. We had a great turnout for our lunch.

December 17 2009
We had our annual Christmas Wine & No-Wine gathering at Maria's home this year. We had a marvellous time, but the sad note was the hostess was unable to be there but she welcomed us to use her home. This is becoming quite the annual event for all of us.

December 10 2009
The Kats had their Christmas lunch @ Mama Pizza - we were served a great buffet lunch in their private room. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. We also did a gift exchange. Special thanks to the staff at Mama's.

December 09 2009
The Kats were invited by Highwood Scarlett O'Hatters in High River to join them for their 2nd Annul Christmas Lunch. It was a lovely Potluck lunch and we were also joined by the Vul-con Troopers from Vulcan. We had live entertainment by the Jingle Belles. We also had a recycle gift exchange. Great day - Great Food.

November 12 2009
The Kats travelled to the Deerfoot Casino where we were joined by the Olds Rebels and Strathmore's Dames of Whine and Roses. We were treated to a lovely buffet and rumor has it some of the ladies went home richer than they came, while other made their donation. All in all it was a great day!

October 19 2009
The Kats were invited to have lunch and help The Red Hot Mommas celebrate their 5th birthday prizes. We were treated to a birthday party for five year olds, with games, a great lunch and birthday cake. Great fun - Happy Birthday Mommas!

October 08 2009
Our lunch today was at Cora's in Okotoks - we had a great turnout and as we were seated in the private room it was very comfortable and our noise was kept to ourselves.

September 10 - 13 2009
Kalispell Here We Come!! Some of the Kats attended Montana's Convergence in Kalispell this year. We had a wonderful time, lots of food, great company and tons of shopping! The poor border crossing guards thought they were invaded by feathers and fluff and seemed to enjoy the humor of us.

September 5th 2009
Happy 5th Birthday Sophista-Kats! We celebrated our birthday at The MacKay Place in Millarville. The MacKay Place is a farmhouse house that was renovated to become a quaint dining facility. I really enjoyed it as I use to visit Mrs. MacKay when I was a youngster. The rooms were kept the same size so diners were treated to a homey atmosphere.

August 19 2009
We were invited to the 2nd annual BBQ by the Vul-Con Trekkies. This is always a great afternoon and the meal is super delicious. There was a very good attendance from southern Alberta.

August 13 2009
We have a Scavenger Hunt Lunch at the home of Eleanor's. Our lunch was potluck and what a variety of everything. We were put into teams and had to try and find everything on our list - there was some sneaky playing done by some.

July 9 2009
This month we reran last years Jalopy Jaunt by running the route and solving the questions and pictures and ended up at Turner Valley Golf Club for lunch. When we did the rerun we did not expect to have the same type of weather for it …rain!

June 18 2009
We had our Jalopy Jaunt Wind-Up at Elaine's home - the weather was great and we sat outside on the deck and enjoyed our lunch and each others company.

June 11 2009
We travelled to Sirocco Golf Club for lunch today - we had a great turnout but we were disappointed in our lunch. We know for sure we will not be going back there. The service was terrible, food was cold, but we still had fun with each other.

June 13 2009
We held our 2nd Annual Red & Purple Garage Sale at Ev's home and were treated to a great BBQ after by Ev & John - our hubby's came for the BBQ.

June 6 2009
We travelled to Arrowwood for The Prairie Angels 9th Annual Strawberry Tea. Another great day.

May 30 2009
Sophista-Kats 2nd Annual Jalopy Jaunt - We had a sell out again of 25 cars for our Jaunt. We met after at the Darcy Ranch Golf Club for lunch and fun & games - great day - great food what more can you ask for.

May 14 2009
We were off to Mossleigh to Aspen Crossing for lunch and shopping at the Garden Center for our gardens.

May 4 2009
Some of the Kats attended the 3rd Annual Mad Hatter Tea in Calgary.

April 9 2009
We had a new experience and went to Open Sesame in Calgary. We had a private room and enjoyed a wonderful lunch then we went shopping at an Antique Shop.

March 12 2009
The Kats met at Original Joe's in Okotoks for lunch this month.

February 5 2009
This month it was decided that we would stay locally so we visited Ricky's Family Restaurant.

January 8 2009
Our first gathering for the new years was held at Mimosa Vietnamese Restaurant in Calgary. It was great seeing everyone after the Christmas Season, and we also enjoyed a great lunch, nice menu, great selection and the owners were awesome and really enjoy seeing all the Red and Purple. We will be back!!

December 18 2008
Our Wine & Cheese event was cancelled due to the poor weather conditions we were experiencing.

December 11 2008
The Kats gathered at Eleanor’s where Sue and Eleanor hosted us to a Christmas Brunch Party. We all arrived in our PJ’s and hats and then we made our own individual omelets in a Bag. We had many choices to put in our omelet, we placed the eggs in a ziplock bag, along with what we decided we wanted, mixed it up really well and then put our bags in a pot of boiling water and let them cook. After our omelet's were cooked, we had sausages, bacon, fruit, breads, etc to go with them. They were very delicious and a lot of fun to do. While we were eating, we did a gift exchange, where the hostess would call out something different each time and we had to exchange with what was called. It was a great fun-filled day. Thank you's to Sue and Eleanor.

November 1 2008
Fourteen Kats travelled to Claresholm for the Claresholms Foxy Ladies second annual Christmas Lunch. Wow what a great day, the weather was a balmy 20 degrees, air conditioner opposed to heaters, the lunch was fabulous, turkey dinner with all the trimmings, door prizes galore, yes we brought home quite a few. A lot of Red Hatters put a lot of effort into their Christmas Hats and everyone else looked so elegant in the best Red Hat attire. On the way home a lot of us stopped at Nanton's Best Western Gift & Dollar Store, as they have the best selection of Red Hat shopping in the area. Hats off to Elsie and her chapter for all the hard work putting on this eventful day. See you in 2009!!

October 9 2008
The Sophista-Kats travelled to Calgary to have lunch at The Deane House by Fort Calgary. This was a rescheduled visit as the last time we had to cancel because of a heavy snowfall. It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed walking through the garden on the way into the restaurant. Lunch was very good as we enjoyed the sun shining into the veranda. Legend has it that the Deane House is haunted, I can safely say that we did not encounter a ghost during our visit. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

September 11 2008
Our 4th Birthday!! Today we attended Inglewood Golf and Country Club in Calgary for our Birthday Party, organized by Ev, Jennifer, Sue and Eleanor. What a great day, The ‘private’ room was decorated in reds and purples, the meal was great, our hostess Roger was awesome. We played some games, had our gift exchange and enjoyed each others’ company.

September 4 2008
We attended the Spruce Meadows Nationals again this year, every year for the past four years Red Hat Ladies from all over Southern Alberta attend the Nationals on Thursday. Of course we do our favorite things ‘Shop The Shops’ ‘Eat Lunch’, of course at Spruce Meadows you can dine from countries all over the world. After, we have a reserved section on the grandstands to enjoy the jumping competition. It was a beautiful sunny fall day and was enjoyed by all. And yes, we will be back again next year.

August 28 2008
BUNCO - we met at Helen's for BUNCO - but Helen was not there, as she fell outside and hit her head and was taken to the hospital but she said go ahead I will join you when I can. Just after we ate Helen returned with her arm in a sling - dislocated shoulder - but she did join us for BUNCO using her other arm. Now that is one tough Pink Hatter! We had a tour of Helen's new home which is beautiful.

August 20 2008
Trekkie BBQ - Some of the Kats travelled to Vulcun for the VUL-CON Trekkie's BBQ. There were about 100 Red Hat Gals there, the food was delicious and the entertainment was great. We were blessed to have Rachael of the 'Around The Bend Colony' join us and share her humor. Great Day! Good Job Trekkies!

August 14 2008
The Kats met at Cottonwood Golf Course Club House for lunch. The grounds were beautiful this time of year and we took full advantage of them and had a beautiful group picture taken. The food was great, but the service could have been better. We had a guest join us and hopefully she will become one of us.

July 24 2008
With the busy days of summer, we only had eight turn up at Christine’s for BUNCO. Our pot luck lunch was to die for, mainly desserts. You know the saying ‘Eat Dessert First’, well that is what we did. We played BUNCO and of course did a lot of joking around and laughing. This game is not to be played seriously :)

July 10 2008
The Kats changed the Scavenger Hunt to lunch at Stockman’s Restaurant at Dunbow Road. We have been doing a lot of changes this year due to inclimate weather, so with the showers that had been happening, we decided to play it safe and dine inside. Christine brought a friend that had just arrived from Ireland and it was a good thing she was still feeling the effects of jetlag so hopefully she didn’t notice how crazy we can be.

June 26 2008
Jalopy Jaunt Recap: Rather than playing BUNCO this month we did a recap of the past Jalopy Jaunt and discussed what we need to change for next year. As this was our first large event we were surprised that little needs to be altered other than next year we are calling for sunshine and not the downpour we had this year. We set a date for next year and are planning new routes and events. Keep May 30, 2009 open!!

June 12 2008
We changed our lunch venue and travelled to Aspen Crossing in Mossleigh and dined in a CPR rail car, which served as former prime minister John Diefenbaker’s private business car. We had a great lunch, great food, and wonderful, friendly service, then after we strolled over to the gift shop and garden center. This is a definite must to do for anyone but be sure to make a reservation to be sure that you get a table.

May 29 2008
Some of the Kats joined The Okotoks Rock n’ Roses chapter for lunch at the Turner Valley Golf Club. It was great getting together with our town’s sister chapter. It was a great turn out and we shared stories and a lot of laughs.

May 24 2008
Today is our Jalopy Jaunt and it is pouring rain and windy. We had to change our starting point as the park with campers was not big enough to get all of the cars organized, so we moved the starting point to the school parking lot and then we rented the school so we had bathroom facilities. We were sure glad that we had, as the rain continued to pour but we had some place warm and dry to get everyone registered. All 25 cars were dispatched on a route of fun, answering questions and putting pictures in order. After they solved all the answers the last set of directions brought them to the finish point, The Turner Valley Golf Club where we enjoyed a wonderful buffet lunch. The ladies coming back had so much enthusiasm and are looking forward to another jaunt next year.

May 22 2008
Instead of doing BUNCO this month we met at the Queens home, had lunch, then got everything ready for the Jalopy Jaunt that was taking place on Saturday. Did I mention that it is raining now and the Jalopy Jaunt goes ‘rain or shine’. Everything looks great for the our first Jalopy Jaunt this upcoming weekend

. May 08 2008
Once again Mother Nature decided to change our lunch plans and again we went to The Big Rock Inn for a lovely Chinese buffet. It seems we are battling with all the snow storms this year for our lunches. The ladies that could make it had a wonderful time and it was a much safer trip than driving to Bragg Creek.

April 10 2008
Lunch was to be at The Deane House in Calgary, but mother nature made a change of plans for us as she proceeded to drop a foot of snow in the downtown vicinity, so most of us met at the Big Rock Inn in Okotoks for a great Chinese buffet. You can not keep us home when it is our time for lunch.

March 20 2008
Jalopy Jaunt Work Bee was held at the Queen's home where we made table favors and centerpieces to be used for lunch after the Jalopy Jaunt. Hopefully everyone's fingers have healed from the glue gun burns.

March 13 2008
High Tea was in order at Carolyn's, hosted by Carolyn, Sue, and Eleanor. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and each other's company, also had some pictures taken as we were dressed in our finest.

February 8 2008
Many of us left winter behind to embark on the Alberta Red Hatters Cruise to Mexico. Forty Four Red Hat Ladies along with 5 Red Hat Hubby's had a great time and all are eager to do another cruise in the future.

February 7 2008
Lunch at Cravings Market Restaurant in Calgary was organized by Jennifer. This was a first time for many of us and it was a very nice experience and everyone would like to come back again, and the desserts were awesome.

January 10 2008
Lunch at The George in Okotoks, was organized by Gail and Marg - and we had a very good turnout and an enjoyable lunch, along with a ton of laughter.

December 20 2007
We meet at Jane's for our 2nd Annual Christmas Wine & Cheese. What a turn out, was it the wine or was it just because we enjoy each other's company. I think it was the latter. We enjoyed just been able to sit and visit and we sang some Christmas Carols, it was a great afternoon.

December 06 2007
We had our Christmas Lunch at the Turner Valley Golf Course, talk about a wonderful meal that Pasty prepared for us. Thanks to Lynn & Kelly for putting up with our antics. We had a couple of games, a gift exchange, many laughs and a special visitor arrived - Santa and his/her elf who gave us all candy canes.

November 29 2007
Some of The Kats travelled to The Festival of Crafts at the Round-up Center in Calgary. After enjoying our shopping spree, we had lunch and then went to Southcenter Mall for our third annual visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

November 17 2007
We travelled to Claresholm as The Foxy Ladies hosted a Christmas Dinner - a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Our chapter was very well represented and we all looked great with our Christmas hats we all created.

November 8, 2007
The Kats gathered at the Chili Island Restaurant in South Trail Crossing, Calgary and enjoyed a delicious Chinese Lunch - talk about food - It seems that is all we do. We had a large turnout and many laughs.

October 11, 2007
On October 11th. almost the entire clan of Sophista-Kats gathered at the Cattle Baron restaurant in Calgary for a wonderful lunch. What a great menu and super service. It was great seeing everyone after the summer, but we bid farewell to Evelyn as she was leaving for the winter in Yuma and we won't see here until April.

September 22, 2007
Five of the 'Kats' travelled to Medicine Hat to attend the Masque Array. What a sight seeing all the differnt masks everyone had made. There was a lot of creativity shown here. One of the KATS won second for the most elegant mask - way to go. We stayed overnight, had a great buffet for supper, then returned to our rooms, put on our pj's and gathered in one room and played 'Hotflashes' and drank some wine. Great game that had us all doubled over laughing. WOW, what a month this has been.

September 20, 2007
Finally we were able to celebrate the Sophista-Kats third birthday, hosted by Sue and Eleanor. We played some games, ate, exchanged birthday gifts, ate birthday cake and then just mingled. We had a great turn out this year. Thanks to all of our members for a great 3 years. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come :)

September 13, 2007
Eleven of the 'Kats' travelled to Great Falls for the 2007 Montana Convergence. We had a great time, lots of laughs and met so many wonderful Red Hat sisters. Our rooms were the best, walk out to the pool and hot tub, we were the envy of everyone. How could we be so lucky?

September 06, 2007
Some of The Kats gathered at Spruce Meadows for The Masters, and we did some shopping then enjoyed a lunch from different countries. The sun was shining brightly and the temeratures we wonderful, but as we proceeded to the grandstand to watch the competition, Mother Nature had other plans for us. In came the wind, temperatures dropped and it started to rain. They called a delay in the competition but after a bit we were rather chilled and all it took was for someone to say "Tim Horton's" so off we went to Tim Hortons' for coffee and and a warm up. We will try again next year, as this is a real enjoyable event.

August 09, 2007
The 'Kats" had lunch at The Union Cemetery in Calgary. Yes we arrived at Union Cemetery and proceeded throught the beautiful Readers Gardens and then to the Readers' Cafe for an enjoyable lunch. This is a worthwhile place to visit and we will be returning.

July 12, 2007
The Kats gathered at the home of Judy's, as Judy, Linda and Betty was hosting our Red Hat Country Fair. We were all to decorate a hat with fruit, vegetables, or whatever else you may find at a Country Fair. We were served a wonderful homecooked meal of BBQ hamburgers, corn dogs, potato salad and ice cream sundae's for dessert. After we ate and talked, we had some real down to earth relay races, and games, ending up with BINGO. We had a lot of laughs and a great time for all, and everyone won great prizes.

June 14, 2007
This month we had a Gimmick Rally arranged by one of our members. We met at Jan's then were divided into groups for so many cars and given a package of pictures. The object was to drive along with the directions provided, yes our Queen doesn't know her left from her right, put the pictures in order then open an envelope with the last picture which told us where to go for lunch. Despite the rain that started falling we all had a hoot. We arrived at Marv's Soda Shop in Black Diamond for lunch. Marv brought out his guitar and serenaded us as we enjoyed his 'homemade' burgers.

June 02, 2007
Most of The Kats travelled to Arrowwood to attend the annual Strawberry Tea. Other than being hot, as it was a hot day, we really enjoyed ourselves. The Prairie Angels did a great job, as always. If you have never attended be sure to get tickets for next year, but you have to be fast as they sold out in three days this year.

May 10, 2007
The Kats travelled to Calgary to have lunch at Karma's, a new experience for us as most of us had never eaten East Indian food. Karma's offer a buffet at lunch time, and we were explained what everything was, then it was taste time. Everything was great and we came back for seconds. We would recommend this place to everyone.

April 25, 2007
National Red Hat Day - Red Hat gals from Calgary and area met at Chinook Center Food Court for fun, friendship, lunch, shopping and to celebrate the 9th Anniversary/Birthday of the Red Hat Society. We filled the one area of the Food Court and amazed the spectators by the blur of red and purple going around on the Carousel. We were interviewed by Gil Tucker from Global TV and City TV was also there doing some filming. Later we were walking the malls looking for bargains, a lot of the stores welcomed us and gave us a discount. It was a great day!!

April 08, 2007
Wow what a turn out, there were 22 Kats at Infusions in Bragg Creek. The poor server was the only one on at first when we made our grand entrance. After a yummy lunch we then proceeded to tour the quaint shops in Bragg Creek.

March 08, 2007
Seventeen of us joined together at the Big Rock Inn in Okotoks and enjoyed the Chinese Buffet. As always the food was great, and we were joined by a group of men in blue. I think it was because one of the Kats was in their Check Stop and she told them where she was going in such a rush.

February 08, 2007
February 8th was a snowy blustery day and only 7 Kats braved the elements and had lunch at Cora's in Calgary. What a great place for lunch and everyone enjoyed themselves despite the weather.

January 14, 2007
We had our luncheon at William's Place at the Crystal Ridge Golf Course in Okotoks. It was good to see everyone after Christmas and discuss what new had happened. Again we had a very delicious lunch, the soup of the day was awesome. Great Chef, Great Service.

December 21, 2006
No BUNCO this month as everyone was busy getting ready for Christmas so the Queen offered to the ones that had time to stop by her house on December 21 for Wine & Cheese. As it turned out just about the entire chapter attended. We had a great time just visiting, eating and drinking wine.

December 14, 2006
The Kats donned their clothes of the centuries and had their Christmas luncheon at Evelyn's Memory Lane in High River. Some showed up in poodle skirts, pony tails, bobby socks, bell bottoms (these were her originals and yes they were even purple) hippies with beads, glasses and peace signs, you name it we had every year represented. After our delicious lunch we did our gift exchange and had a real good time

November 09, 2006
The Kats met at Palatal's Restaurant, in Calgary, that features Japanese and Monoglian cuisine, for a new lunch experience. The night before we had snow and freezing rain, but the road conditions when we went were just wet and sloppy, can't hold back these Kats. Most of us had the Monogolian BBQ, which was wonderful. You fill your plate with what you want, and how much you want, you should of seen the creativity of getting food piled on that plate. (It works better if you take the small items first, then start piling on the noodles and then the meat, the meat sort of holds everything in place, then add your sauces you want and they do the cooking for you. Then you just sit back and try to devour what you took - - sorry no doggie bags allowed, so take what you can eat. We found Palatal's a very relaxing atmosphere, and it is a place you can go and not feel that you are rushed. Our waiter was great and said the next time we are back he is going to wear a red hat. We reassured him that we would be back and we will.

October 26, 2006
The Kats invited the Okotoks Rock 'n Roses to join us at Vally of The Magein Okotoks for lunch and BUNCO. The Kats provided lunch and after we all enjoyed delicious goodies and each others company, we showed the Rock n Roses how to play BUNCO. It sure didn't take them long to catch on, and start enjoying our crazy sense of humor. After we were done we received our prizes which were donated by our Princess Linda. We hope to do this again.

October 12, 2006
Lunch at The George in Okotoks. We had a great lunch, and had 16 of The Kats attending. They put us in the far corner as sometimes we do become loud with our laughter. Everyone enjoyed The George and it looks like we will be there again.

September 28, 2006
Seven of The Kats headed to Missoula for the Montana Convergence, and what a time we had. We shopped the 'Kadiddle' and what a selection of items. We also all bought new hats, thanks to Lady Diane, they are gorgeous. Friday evening we had a wonderful dinner, enjoyed great entertainment and shared a lot of laughs. Saturday we shopped, went to the Missoula Carousel, and shopped and ate, came back to the hotel, changed for our evening entertainment, a lovely meal and the Prairie Angels from Mossleigh did a performance, these gals are great. Sunday morning was our PJ Breakfast where there were sure some strange sights to be seen and of course a lot of laughter. After the breakfast and entertainment we said our goodbyes and headed home. The Montana gals really know how to host a fun time. Can't wait for next year - Great Falls I hear.

September 14, 2006
Happy Birthday to the Kats. We celebrated our second birthday at the home of our Queen, Elaine H. Everyone brought a birthday gift, red & purple, of course, for a gift exchange. We also played a game of trying to guess which famous woman's name we were wearing on our back. After, we enjoyed our lunch, had birthday cake and even received a red hat loot bag. We are now starting to have fun for our third year, each year gets better and better.Thanks to all the members that make this chapter so much fun :)

September 09, 2006
The Sophista-Kats, along with over 800 Red Hat Ladies attended The Nationals at Spruce Meadows. What a lovely day it was, sunshine, meeting new red hat sisters and enjoying the horse jumping competition. This is the second year that the Red Hat's have been at Spruce Meadows and certainly not the last. It is so much fun there.

August 10, 2006
The Kats drove to High River to The Whistle Stop for lunch. We had a great time as usual and of course, drew many questions from other diners as to what we are all about. After we toured on foot the different unique shops in High River and got stranded by a downpour of rain and hail, so we went into a cafe and had tea and laughs. We lost one of our Kats and sure hope that she survived the downpour. Gives the meaning to "raining cats and dogs" a totally different meaning.

July 13, 2006
The Kats 'Horseless' Gym-Kana - what a blast we had. Everyone gathered at Judy's, we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ of hamburgers, hotdogs, salads and chilli, cooked with love by our own Lady Linda. Thanks Linda for the yummy lunch, Judy was dressed up as a clown and kept us under control and made sure we were all eating , after lunch we proceeded to parade our horses (Red Hat Hobby Horses that is) through a routine while we were judged. The judges, Carol, Betty and Judy could not decided so we were all declared winners. From there we were divided into two teams and went through the mazes for the gym-kana. Some of the horses were starting to lag horse power by the time we were done the events. It was a great day for all and we all wish to thank you for the creative day. Can't wait for the next one.

July 07, 2006
Some of the 'Kats' attended the Calgary Stampede Breakfast and Parade. We met on 9th Avenue with other Red Hat Ladies from all over, there was about 100 of us, the weather was great, not too hot and our seats were well shaded. We hooted and hollered, sang and cheered, everyone knew we were there having fun. After the parade the 'Kats' made their way over to the Stephen Avenue Mall where we enjoyed a chinese dinner and then browsed the merchants displays along the mall. Yahoo can't wait for next year!!

June 08, 2006
The Kats travelled to Bragg Creek, in the rain, and met at Infusions for lunch. They tell you when you arrive that good food takes time, so do not be in a rush. After we ordered our lunch, we played a game to see who was left holding the bag containing the "Bloomers" that they were to wear for the rest of the day. Our lunch arrived and look wonderful, and the tasted great. After, we toured the unique shops in Bragg Creek, even though we had to walk in the rain. It was a great day!

June 07, 2006
Seventy Red Hat Ladies from all over Alberta travelled to the Rosebud Dinner Theatre to see the production of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Everyone met and had a wonderful buffet lunch, loads of door prizes and had time to browse the quaint shops in Rosebud. We then gathered at the Opera House to enjoy this musical production, it was awesome. After, some of the red hatters travelled to That's Crafty, 10 minutes from Rosebud, and enjoyed shopping the gift shop and some indulged in their famous cinnamon buns, WOW, you should of seen the size of them. It was a beautiful day, great for travelling and great to meet new red hatters.

May 25, 2006
BUNCO at Margaret's, the number of us were few but the sound of laughter was great. We had an awesome time and shared a lot of laughs, along with good food. Thanks to Margaret for opening up her beautiful house to us Kats to enjoy our monthly, fun filled, BUNCO afternoon.

May 18, 2006
Death By Chocolate!!! Today some of the Kats met at Les Truffes where we had the most amazing journey into the life of a truffle. We were explained by Chocolatier Ralph Buchmuller the making of a truffle from ingredients to the tasting. Wow, chocolate covered potato chips, lemon rinds, even beef jerky and for The Calgary Stampede, Chocolate Covered Prairie Oysters. All the truffles are handdipped which we were able to do and then we were able to devour our own. Upon leaving we were able to purchase truffles and were given a goodie bag filled with samples. A great and satisfying visit was had by all.

May 11, 2006
The Kats had a wonderful lunch at the clubhouse of Darcy Ranch Golf Course, just North of Okotoks. What a beautiful day and looking out the windows was the most beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and enjoying each others company always makes these outings so enjoyable.

May 04 to May 08, 2006
The Sophista-Kats travelled to Kelowna, B.C. to have a Ruckus at The Red Hat Ruckus. What can I say, except if you were not there you missed an awesome weekend. We had great food, great entertainemnt and lots of red hat shopping with the vendors that were there, everyone was sporting new red hat attire in one way or another. We were entertained by humourous Shirley Best, the comedy duo Bernie & Red, Elvis, The Andrews Sisters and yes even some male entertainers. There was a Ms Red Hat Canada pageant with Ms Red Hat Canada crowned, which I may say was from Alberta and Lady Linda of the Kats became Ms Canada's Lady-In-Waiting. We were able to meet new friends and had one great time, everyone came home feeling this was one great weekend. We tip our red hats to the organizers of this wonderful event.

April 27, 2006
Sixteen of the Kats met at Jane's home to enjoy each others company and lunch, then we got right into the action of playing BUNCO. Wow, talk about some of the girls rolling BUNCO right away, and then there was the rest of us that couldn't do anything. Since we have introduced the Kazoo for announcing our wins, it has become hilarious. Have you tried blowing your Kazoo while you are laughing so much? Try it sometime, it is not that easy. Everyone enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and can't wait for the next time.

April 13, 2006
The Sophista-Kats travelled west to Turner Valley to have lunch at Coyote Moon. It was a beautiful drive out and the mountains felt like you could reach out and touch them, they were so majestic. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and it was great to see some of the 'Snow-Kats' back from the south. Everyone enjoyed each others company and shared some good laughs. Some went shopping after in the different shops in Turner Valley and Black Diamond.

March 23, 2006
Ten 'Kats' and a guest travelled to Bettys beautiful country home on a gorgeous spring day with a breathtaking view of the mountains that were so crystal clear - what a beautiful site to see. We started our afternoon by eating, that seems to be our favorite pasttime, then we watched the DVD the Mossleigh Prairie Angels produced and we shared some good laughs. This chapter is very creative and full of energy. After, we played BUNCO and had a great time, and everyone won great prizes.
Thanks Betty for hosting us.

March 9, 2006
Seventeen of us enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Saskatoon Farm, then after we browsed the gift shop. We had two new members join us and they really enjoyed themselves and they are going to fit in just purr-fectly. We had many birthdays to celebrate and played Happy Birthday to them on our Kazoos, the other diners had to bear with us, but they were all in stitches with laughter.

February 23, 2006
February 23, was our monthly BUNCO, an afternoon of food, fun, and humor. Due to the flu making the rounds and cold snowy weather, only nine kats were there but we made the noise of eighteen. We had to change our location due to the flu but all in all we had a great afternoon.

February 09, 2006
CHOCOLATE EXTRAVAGANZA - WOW did we indulge in chocolate at our Valentine's Party held at Maria's. Everyone brought a chocolate item, chocolate pizza, chocolate fondue, chocolate squares, chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes everything but chocolate sandwiches. We had a guest from Orillia, Ontario join us and we enjoyed each others company, played a few games, ate chocolate like there was no tomorrow. I am sure we all went home on a sugar high. We can't wait for the next Chocolate Event.

January 26, 2006
We met at Maria's for BUNCO - we moved the meeting time earlier so that we could enjoy each others company while we ate and then we got down to the nitty gritty of playing BUNCO. Sometimes it is so hard to play as we are all laughing so hard and so far we have not had any neighbors complain about the noise.

January 18, 2006
We gathered at Stage West along with 65 other Red Hat Ladies from Calgary, Olds, Mossleigh and Okotoks to enjoy "California Dreamin II" - it was great listening to the music of the last few generations and the buffet was great as usual. We meet new Red Hat Ladies and everyone had a grand time.

January 12, 2006
January 12 saw 14 of us 'Kats' gather at 'The Provence' formally LaP'Tite for an enjoyable lunch. The food was awesome and the desserts are out of this world. We also exchanged a few good laughs and really enjoyed each other company. One of the 'Kats' told us that her husband did not know what to get her for Christmas so he ordered her a personalized license plate for her car saying RED HAT, now that is awesome. Way to go!

December 15, 2005
December saw eight Sophista-Kats met at Chilli's at Southcentre for lunch, where we drew some curious looks from the waitresses, and they sure loved our colors and thought it was great what we were doing. After enjoying our lunch four adventurous Kats walked the mall and waited in line to see Santa and had our picture taken with Santa, he absolutely loved us and he was sure a chatty Santa. The photographer then took another picture of us and asked if they could put it on display in the mall. They thought it was the greatest thing, so if you are in Southcentre be sure to stop and have a look at our picture. Then we went and had a visit with Mrs. Claus, what a darling she was and we had an elf take our picture with her and she is really interested in joining our chapter after things slow down, so be sure to call us Mrs. Claus We would love to have you join us.. We also had a short little visit with Mr. Claus's brother and his wife, as they were in the mall that day. As this is our last event until 2006, the Sophista-Kats would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas and keep on Red Hatting in 2006.

December 08, 2005
Nineteen Sophista-Kats met at Tea & Time Emporium in Okotoks, for lunch. We had reserved the loft and we had a great time, played "Name the Christmas Songs" from clues given, had a delicious lunch, and had a gift exchange, with some great gifts received. We sang Happy Birthday to the three birthday gals, and they received a Red Hat pin from the restaurant as a gift.

November 24, 2005
Sophista-Kats gathered at Lorna's for an afternoon of eating goodies, visiting and playing BUNCO. Lorna's home put us all in the Christmas Spirit as she had it decorated and after BUNCO we had a tour of her sewing room, all I can say to that is WOW!! She has the most beautiful quilts and they are for all seasons. Thanks Lorna for a lovely afternoon.

November 10, 2005
The Kats had their 'Guinea Pig Luncheon' - you may ask- oh my gosh are they eating guinea pigs now? No, they are too small and you really need a lot to get enough meat to feel satisfied. The Guinea Pig lunch is where everyone brought a Potluck Dish, but it had to be one that you had never made before. We really had some delicious items, some interesting, and some strange. But the hostess threw in a curve when she announced to everyone that this was going to be a 'Monk's Dinner' as well - as you know monk's do not speak - how can you sit at a table with fourteen women and not speak or giggle - we took bets on who we thought would be the first one to make a sound. If you made a sound, you had to turn your chair around so that your back was to everyone. The Queen left the room and came back in wearing a 'Purple Monk's Robe', which led to some giggles, it was very impressive on how long some of us lasted. Then we had another curve thrown at us - we could not use knives, forks or spoons to eat with - you had to use other utensils. So we drew papers from a bowl and what you drew is what you ate with - we were eating with potato mashers, egg beaters, basters, skewers, egg separators, measuring cups, tongs, etc. We had a tie on the silence, there were three that went without making a sound, can you believe that. This was a different luncheon and I am not sure if she will ever get anyone out to her place again for lunch, but it was fun. And that is what Red Hatting is all about.

October 27, 2005
We had a great time at Jan's place, where we introduced Jan to the game of BUNCO and of course, wouldn't you know it - Jan was the big winner. And she said she has never played before. It was a great day for a drive in the country to Jan's lovely home and of course we had great treats to munch on.

October 13, 2005
The Sophista-Kats travelled to Turner Valley to enjoy a delicious lunch and each others company at Route 40 Soup Co. Chefs Mark and Lanny Klaudt served us a remarkable lunch and the dessert was awesome. After lunch we drove to Black Diamond and visited the quaint little shops there, Marv's Soda Shop, Maryanne's Eden, Candle Co Gift Shop just to mention a few. You could spend a entire day in these two towns going through the shops and there are so many small cosy places to eat, it was a very worthwhile and enjoyable day for all of us.

September 29, 2005
BUNCO was held at Elaine's as Jan was sick. We welcomed four new members to our chapter and I believe they are going to enjoy the fast pace chapter that we are. We are out for a good time and we enjoy laughing with and at each other and thanks to everyone for bringing the snacks. MMMMM. You need a sense of humor to be a Sophista-Kat cause we like to howl!

September 22, 2005
Six members of the Sophista-Kats ventured down to Billlings, Montana to attend the 2005 Convergence, 'Tis Magic Time In The Magic City - Let The Good Times Roll'. Half of us drove the 10 hours straight to Billings, while the other half chose to stay in Great Falls and go shopping, but we met up together for the Convergenge, which was mostly held in out hotel, The Historic Northern. Friday was registration day and then we attended the dressy affair of the Convergence, which was intended to be a High Tea, but no one was aware of it and thought it was a meal, therefore the food ran out. Oh no, no food, we went down to the hotel restaurant and ordered chicken ceasar salads to go and also a glass of wine, then after our six went to a Mexican Restaurant, where we enjoyed Mexican food and closed the place down. Saturday off to the malls for a fashion show and shopping, wow RED HATS all over. Saturday evening was the dressy casual evening, but almost everyone was formal, it seemed that the dress code had reversed evenings. We enjoyed a delicious buffet and enjoyed great entertainment, and the Prairie Angels from Mossleigh also did their famous 'Boob Dance', needless to say the Boob Dance continued into the lounge after, shocking a few of the ranchers. What are we, where are you from, are you insane all dressed in red? Sunday was the pajama breakfast which was held at the Sheraton, so here we are at 8:30 am marching down the street to the Sheraton, a block away, in our PJ's, some of the people in cars looked puzzle and others it seemed like they see this attire everyday. We had a scrumptous breakie and great entertainment from a group of Ranchers that call themselves The Ringling 5, only there were 7 entertaining. At each event there were tons of door prizes, as each chapter in Billings made a gift basket, and we were fortunate to bring one home with us.The breakfast was the close of the convergence, we said our good-byes to the new friends we made and made the trip home, really excited and can not wait for the next convention. Watch out Kelowna, we have some ideas to keep things going.

September 15, 2005
The KATS first anniversary. September 9th was out first year anniversary, as we were at Spruce Meadows on the 8th, we celebrated at the Queen’s home on the 15th. Everyone brought finger food and we had an awesome lunch and out of this world desserts; white chocolate cheesecake, brownies, nanaimo bars, you name it, we had it. We are eager to start our second year and we have many great ideas so it sounds like we will be busy. The Queen of Vice decided it was time to give the Queen a proper coronation, as she took the steps to get this chapter together. The girls that are in the chapter are what made it such a super year. Now we are into year two, watch out, here we come.

September 8, 2005
What a great day at SPRUCE MEADOWS and what a great sight. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right. Thanks goodness we went on Thursday, as Friday and Saturday were pretty wet. What a sight to see, 375 Red Hatters invade Spruce Meadows, everywhere you went you seen us and the grandstand was beautiful seeing everyone sitting together. We received recognition twice by the announcers, thanking us for coming and adding color to the stands. The food was great, with some many choices you eat from any country that you desired. By far it was a wonderful day and may become a yearly event. I am sure that we will be back next year. Thanks you to Joan for organizing this splendid day for all of us to get together.

August 25, 2005
BUNCO at Margaret's, what a beautiful day. After eating the treats everyone brought, we went outside on the verdana and played BUNCO. Of course there are the usual BUNCO babes that are always calling BUNCO or travelling, just when the others are getting some points. It seems that one or two will dominate the game and of course goes home with the most prizes. Maybe next month.

August 11, 2005
Christine hosted a Pot Luck luncheon at her home, and just getting home from a cruise where I ate like a Queen, this just fell right into the same category. There were so many choices and of course you have to have a little of everything, yeah right! Christine's garden was so beautiful with all the blossoms, too bad it was so windy otherwise we would of had a beautiful stroll. We all enjoyed each others humor and had a lot of laughs.

July 13, 2005
Heritage Park, a walk in the past,! What a wonderful day, seventeen Sophista-Kats prowled the park in the morning, then enjoyed a great lunch at The Wainwright Hotel, followed by a wagon ride pulled by a team of horses, driven by Darrell who also gave us a narration which was hard as we told him we knew everything. From there we stopped by the cafe to indulge in dessert , lemon meringue tarts, with the meringue piled a mile high, not to mention the triple chocolate cheesecake the Queen and Queen of Vice indulged in. We sure know how to enjoy food. From there we walked down to the train station and enjoyed a great train trip. Our conductor Howard didn't quite know what to make of us. We entertained other passengers and Howard with our Kazoos and Songs. We had four wee girls that simply adored us and they posed for pictures with our hats on. We met other Red Hat sisters from Ontario, Manitoba, Ohio, and Texas. We had a group come up to us from Parry Sound, Ontario and said they heard of 'Red Hatters' but didn't have a clue what a red hatter was. They took our picture to take home to show others what a 'Red Hatter' is! This was truly one of our finest days!

July 08, 2005
YAHOO!!! This word sums up The Red Hat Calgary Stampede Parade and Afternoon Festivities. The two hundred plus Red Hatters started off the day with the traditional Stampede Breakfast, cooked by the Rotary Club, then down to the bleachers to get ready for the Parade. The Parade Prelude Entertainment was awesome, not to mention having our very own Kazoo Band perform for us. (mind you, we were entertainment to a lot of spectators, having our pictures taken and people asking questions.) The Calgary Police were sure interested in us and they posed for quite a few pictures, letting the ladies sit on their motorcycles, swapping hats, and intriqued by who or what we were all about. A lot of parade entrants were taken back when they saw the sea of red and purple sitting there. Of course we were not quiet, some even took pictures of us and a lot giving us the thumbs up and saying WOW! We had rodeo clowns sitting on our knees, acknowledgements from Premier Klein and Lt. General Norm Wong and their wives loved us. Maybe they will start a Parliament Red Hat Chapter. The afternoon festivities took place at The Met Center downtown Calgary, having some awesome vendor tables selling their Red Hat wares. Our M.C. was Angela Kolkott, Global News Announcer, and of course, she was presented with a 'Pink Hat'. She did an awesome job, we all loved her. We were entertained by Phyllis Wheaton,a local singer and songwriter, and Miriam Dreher, International Yodeler. We had a fashion show sponsored by Nygaards, with models from our local Red Hat Chapters. We also had the opportunity for a photo shoot with cowboy Kevin Krueger. To end the days' event we had door prizes and the winners of the Bucket Raffles were drawn. Everyone went home smiling, happy and can not wait for next year, where it will be Bigger and Better, although it will be hard to better what we had.

June 25, 2005
WOW!! What a great day as 240 Red Hat & Pink Hat Sisters from all over Alberta join in on the fun at Mossleigh's Third Annual Strawberry Tea, tripling the population of the community. It was great meeting other red hatters that we have communicated with but had not had the opportunity to meet in person. There were some games to be played, door prizes, great conversations and yes Strawberry Shortcake. The Prairie Angels really out did themselves again, as the attendance when from 75 in 2004 to 240 in 2005. Can't wait until next year's Strawberry Tea on June 3, be sure to mark it on your calendar now! View the 2005 pictures here.

June 23, 2005
Our BUNCO game on June 23 was poorly attended due to the fact that we were in the process of cleaning up after the flood waters hit Okotoks for the second time this month. But the girls that were able to show up had a lot of fun and we laughed so hard that we were doubled over. Margaret was the BUNCO Queen that day, it seemed everytime she rolled the dice she got a BUNCO - we told her to go buy a lotto ticket, as it was her lucky day.

June 09, 2005
Nineteen (19) Sophista-Kats travelled to Longview, Alberta and enjoyed our lunch at Memories Inn. We had a great time and lunch was wonderful. After we wandered around and looked at all the memorabilia and pictures on the walls. This is the restaurant that Clint Eastwood frequented when he was filming in the Longview area. After most of us stopped at Navajo Mug and tour this unique Gift & Coffee Shop which is owned by Longiew's own Ian Tyson. We all had a super day!

May 31, 2005
Some of the Sophista-Kats travelled to Airdrie, Alberta and met with some of the Red Hat Rebels from Olds, Alberta at Bella Italia Restaurant. It was very nice meeting some of our fellow Red Hatters and to get to know each other. The only good part of the day was meeting the Rebels. The restaurant left little to be desired. The service, what service, well it was terrible, we waited over 1 1/2 hrs after we ordered to be served lunch. It was almost dinner time when we got it, and for the price, we did not get our moneys' worth. We would like to meet with the Rebels again but for sure we will not meet at that place.

May 12, 2005
Thursday, May 12, the Sophista-Kats had our planned luncheon this time at Conversations Tea Room in Willow Park, Calgary. We all enjoyed a wonderful meal , passed out our kazoos, that made things noisy, had lots of laugh and a great time was had by all.

May 11, 2005
Wednesday, May 11 saw 14 Sophista-Kats join other Red Hat Chapters to attend the matinee 'California Dreamin' at Stage West. What a marvelous musical, great food, and it was awesome seeing a sea of red hats and purple oufiits. A few of the other guests were amazed at us, and we had one gentleman going around taking pictures of all the tables of ladies, there were about 70 of us altogether. I am sure he will encouage his wife to become one of us!

April 14, 2005
April 14 saw the Kats gather at El Medina's Restaurant in Okotoks, with 21 attending plus two judges Maria and Maurine from Okotoks Rock 'n Roses Red Hat Chapter. Today was the unveiling of the 'Spring Decorating Hat Contest', members were to make or remake a hat for today and there were sure some lovely hats worn. Everyone was very creative! There were judged on the 3 G's of Red Hatting; Gaudy, Glitz and Glamour. The winners were: Gaudy went to Linda, Glitz went to Rose and Glamor went to Sue. Great job everyone. We welcomed back our 'Southern Belles' aka 'Snowbirds' from spending the winter in the southern states where they kept active with other Red Hat Gals from all over that migrate in the winter. They were eager to be back with us and share there good times and have fun with us. Thank you El Medina for supplying us with a delicious lunch.

March 24, 2005
Thank you to Judy and Linda for hosting our chapter at Judy's home on March 24 and also thank you to everyone that brought the yummy goodies. After we had a visit and some laughs. Judy & Linda taught us how to play BUNCO, then we spent the afternoon playing BUNCO and laughing. It was a great time for all of us and I can see BUNCO becoming part of our events. Thank you everyone for making our Red Hatting FUN!!!!.

March 10, 2005
Thursday, March 10, fourteen Red Hat Kats met at LaP'Tite, Okotoks' French Restaurant for lunch, and we welcomed two new eager red hatters to our group. The food was out of this world and the desserts - WOW - they were to die for, they were awesome! Of course as always when we are out, we seem to draw attention. One couple came in and the lady was sporting a red hat pin on her sweater. We asked if she was 'one of us', she replied "not yet, but when I get back home I am starting a group, I have red hat pins for all my friends". By the way, home is in Norway. Just shows how Red Hatting is spreading.

February 24, 2005
Red Hat Hugs to Sue for hosting the Sophista-Kats the afternoon of February 24. We sure enjoyed each others company and the treats everyone brought, they were so delicious and fattening. The laughs we shared as we told something about ourselves, like "Hi my name is so&so and I am a Red Hatter", it was like we were in a twelve step program. This was a great way to get to know more about each other, and we look forward to more of these meets..

February 10, 2005
February 10, saw the Kats gather at Oliver's Place at The Crystalridge Golf Course, with fifteen members and 1 guest attending. We welcomed three new faces to our group and the possibility of the guest becoming a Kat member. Our club has pretty well met the max now as we had decided not to let it get too large. We had a delicious luncheon and would recommend this eatery to everyone. Sue volunteered to have everyone out to her place on February 24 at 1 pm, so we will be having a great time visiting and having quite a few laughs.

January 12, 2005
The Kats were to have their January luncheon at Marv's Soda Shoppe in Black Diamond but he decided to take a holiday to Cuba so we changed plans and went to Café Divine in Okotoks on the 12th. Because of a blizzard with winds and snow making temperatures drop to -42C, we had a small turnout but we had a great time and a delicious lunch. Thanks Marilyn for arranging our luncheon.

December 09, 2004
December 9th saw the Red Hat Sophista-Kats enjoying a Chinese buffet at the Big Rock Inn in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada for their Christmas outing. After lunch there was an entertaining game called The Right or Left Game, where you pass wrapped gifts around and you switch directions every time the words right or left are used. We sure had a lot of laughs doing this, at one point someone was in possession of two gifts at one time. Now that should have been impossible, but it was done. It also entertained the other customers in the restaurant. We then did a small gift exchange with each other and there were really nice gifts being exchanged. We will now meet in January for another outing and we will be meeting twice a month from thereon in.

November 18, 2004
A Red Hat Thank You to Diane for organizing our lunch on November 18 at Yiannis' in Okotoks and for arranging our guest speaker Joyologist/, Sharon Whitehead from Calgary. Sharon talked to us about the wonder of laughter, being able to laugh at and with yourself and others. Our laughter was also shared by the Okotoks Rock n' Roses Chapter. A delightful time was had by all and we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

October 19, 2004
A BIG thank you to Betty, Shirley and the 'Rock N' Roses' for hosting a tea so our chapter could meet their chapter. There was also three members for an upcoming chapter in the town of Standard, Alberta, Canada. The tea was held at Betty's and the Rock N Roses all brought yummy treats. Hats off to the 'ROCK N ROSES'.

October 14, 2004
Despite the weather, eleven Red Hat Sophista-Kats attended lunch at the Saskatoon Farm. Thank you to our member NORMA for making the arrangements. Our lunch was awesome, some choosing breakfast burritos, quiche or bison. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed getting to know each other and had others come up and congratulate us. After the meal and visiting, we went shopping in their fabulous gift shop store. A great time was had by all.



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